Program Schedule
July 3/4

10:30 StarGazer    
10:35 Red Dwarf Me^2 Rimmer's dastardly scheme has suceeded, now he must live with the consequences of his triumph... namely, himself. Can Lister survive the ordeal?
11:05 Dr Who The Krotons
episode 4 of 4
The Gonds, struggling for freedom against thier crystaline opressors, get a helping hand from the Doctor in the guise of a steamy cauldron of liquid stench.
11:35 Dr Who The Seeds of Death
episode 1 of 6
T-mat has changed the world allowing the instantaneous transport of people and supplies between any two points on earth. Chaos blossoms as the system malfunctions at moonbase controll. But is the malfunction something more sinister than crossed wires?
12:05 Blakes 7 Stardrive What, you thought you missed Stardrive? Are you kidding... just because it was prempted last time doesn't mean you won't get to see Avon & Company battling terrorists for a prototype stardrive to fix up the ailing Scorpio this week.
Just think, next week B7 starts all over again!

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