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SATURDAY February 16th






Red Dwarf

Demons & Angels

Kryten and Listers experiments with the matter paddle lead to the creation of a "triplicator" which goes out of controll and blows up the Red Dwarf - only to spawn two copies of it and the boyz. Getting things back the way they "should be" is going to require bloodshed & mayhem.



Dr Who

Resurrection of the Daleks 3 of 4

You can't accuse the Daleks of thinking small. While rescuing ther creator they are also plotting the subversion & downfall of Earth itself. But they may have too many fish to fry with the Doc on the scene, the suspicious mercanary Lytton lookin gout for his own behind and the diabolical genius of Davros who will settle for nothing less than rule of the Daleks.



Dr Who

Resurrection of the Daleks 4 of 4



Space Island One

Trouble in Paradise

Bang! Pow! Kersplat! Everything that could go wrong does this week for the Unity crew - indeed things look bleak as this is the last filmed episode of the series and the last to be shown on IPTV (for a while at least)

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