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SATURDAY February 2nd






Red Dwarf


Kryten has nearly been destroyed and Rimmer captured by the demons of his own ID. Can Lister and the Cat rescue them from the Psi Moon where they've crashed or will RImmer succumb to THE UNSPEAKABLE ONE...



Dr Who

Frontios 3 of 4

Even the Hatstand can't help the Doctor tonite! The TARDIS is toast, Turlough has flipped out and the inhabitants of Frontios are being toyed with by the evil Tractators. Of course if the Doctor doesn't find a way to stop the gravitic menace they will turn Frontios into a spacecraft and go find other planets to terrorise.



Dr Who

Frontios 4 of 4



Space Island One

Lost in space

Ooo more drug trials tonite as Dr. Gail Mulloy fineshes her work on her revolutionary cure for space Osteoporosis. Considering that's one of mankinds bigger obstacles in conquering life in Zero G she probably deserves some applause.

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