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SATURDAY January 26th






Red Dwarf

The Inquisitor

Time for another demented droid atack and time paradox.
The Inquisitor is a mechanoid that somehow survived throught eternity to the end of time itself and having gone a bit wonky, decides it must go back in time, judge all of humanity and cull the worthless from the worthwhile. Obviously the Dwarf boys are in trouble.



Dr Who

Frontios 1 of 4

Once again teh Tardis has gone off course, this time into the distant future to find a beleguard colony of humans on the fringe ofthe universe. The same strange gravitational anomaly which has trapped the tardxis is also pummeling the planet regularly with meteor showers and sucking people underground. Can the Doctor save the colinists? Does Turlough know more than he's letting on? Things are bound to get worse before they get better!.



Dr Who

Frontios 2 of 4



Space Island One


UNITY has been in ortbit 15 years (sure seems that way doens't it?) and while some are gearing up for a celebration, Harry is trying to deal wiith bad news about the future of her daughter.

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