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SATURDAY January 19th






Red Dwarf


While Arnold has always been whiny about his status as a Hologram, his luck is about to change when hes' abducted from Starbug by the Holoship Enlightenment. Finding himself in a new world he can once again touch taste feel, and will be required to have sex twice daily in he's bound to do absoloutely whatever it takes to get assigned to the crew - but is he really ready to fall in love?



Dr Who

The Awakening 1 of 2

After last weeks disaster The Doc & company are ready for a vacation and head to little Hodcomb to have some Tea with Teegans grandfather. They arrive in the midst of some unuually rough & rowdy actions of the local historical society who aren't just re-enacting events from the English Civil War, but are being compelled to do so but an evil alien entity that feeds on war and death.



Dr Who

The Awakening 2 of 2



Space Island One

Silver Bullet

Yes a cure for cancer would be a good tihng and inevitably some treatment will reacha human testing stage, and tonite Paula decideds the time is now and teh first guinea pig should be herself.

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