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SATURDAY January 12th






Red Dwarf


Lister is about to see something no man should ever have to see as Krytens experiments with theier newfound matter transfer paddle wind the gang up on Waxworld - a historical amusement park, gone wrong where the waxdroids have taken on thier alter egos and the forces of evil are trouncing the forces of good. Unfortunately a new general is taking to the field as Rimmer siezes controll of the goodies & has to whip Elvis Marylin Monroe and Sister Theresa into fighting shape.



Dr Who

Warriors of the Deep 3 of 4

Tension is stretched to the breaking point as the Silurians & Sea Devils invade the seabase and take over the main computer putting global thermonuclear war on the fast track. Double agents, fears of war & patriotism don't mean much against these scaly horrors. The Doctor will have to resort to some severe measures if he wants to save the planet this time.



Dr Who

Warriors of the Deep 4 of 4



Space Island One


UNITY crew examines abandones space platform finds sole survivor of suicide clt - news at 12:25.

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