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SATURDAY January 5th






Red Dwarf

Dimension Jump

The Dwarfwrs have been to a Parallel Dimension or two, but are they prepared from a visitor from one? Ace Rimmer pops in for a visit & we all get to see the Rimmer that could have been...



Dr Who

Warriors of the Deep 1 of 4

Earth in 2084 is mired in a horrible cold war with global powers poised to unleash worldwide destruction at the press of a button. Missile bases are poised and ready and one of hem has been infiltrated by double agents, but no one, not even the Doctor & Co. who find themselves harshly greeted & treated, have any idea that the real danger lurks in the watery depths - that the original inhabitants of the planet want it back!



Dr Who

Warriors of the Deep 2 of 4



Space Island One

Not in My Back Yard

Could the outbreak of illness on UNITY be linked to the last remaining strand of Smallpox in existance? Or have they just been watching thier own re-runs again?

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