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SATURDAY December 22nd






Red Dwarf


Death or a Date confronts the Dwarfers after they find a stasis pod floating in space - inside may be a damsel in distress or a deranged simulant killer. The soluiton - take the pod to Justice world just in case... A decision which leads to thier summary judgement and sentencing!



Dr Who

The Five Doctors 1 of 4

The Doctor finds himself being diminished- his former selves being litterally sucked out of time. while the villan behind the abductions remains hidden, the trail leads to the Death Zone on Gallifrey - a really nasty forbidden area contaiing the dreaded Tomb of Rassilon.
The only way for the Doctor to survive is to team up with his past selves and some old companions before whoever doing the dirty deeds does them all in.



Dr Who

The Five Doctors 2 of 4



Space Island One

Lost property

Knocked off course by a metiorite, a satellite maintenence shuttle collides with UNITY causing all sorts of tension.

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