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SATURDAY December 15th






Red Dwarf


The gang happen across a derelict spceship with technology far in advanc eof anything they posess - the ship itself appears to have been grown and contains a fantastic device with the ability to alter the DNA of any subject - this leads to Dave being turned into a hampster the creation of a giant Curry Monster and Kryten taking some very dubious polaroids.



Dr Who

The King's Demons 1 of 2

A strange trip back into history puts the Doctor face to face withKing John - who should be off in London doing the Magna Carta deal. Of course The King isn't who or even what he seems to be and his "bodyguard" is (drum roll) THE MASTER!



Dr Who

The King's Demons 2 of 2



Space Island One

A Place in the Sun

What wer ethe Unity poeple thinking letting Lunar refugees invade the station?

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