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SATURDAY December 1st
15 Minute Delay due to Red Green + No Space Island One






Red Dwarf

The Last Day

An intersting application of technology leads Liste to make one HUGE mistake... I mean woud YOU let Rimmer inhabit your body for any length of time?



Dr Who

Enightenment 1 of 4

The Black guardian is up to no good putting the Doctor into another no win situation... tihs time forcing Turlough to merge the TARDIS with a space freighter almost killing Nyssa in the process. Even better the freighter is full of diseased lepers heading to Terminus, a space sation witha dubious past and reputation so horrifying the people working there are prisoners too.



Dr Who

Enlightenment 2 of 4



Space Island One

Not tonite....

That Red Green special must be worth it tho :)

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