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SATURDAY November 24th

Another schedule I have recreaded since I either missed it the first time or erased it since... TRS






Red Dwarf


Kryten finds some mutated developing fluid that allows the gang to travel back in time. Dave sets himself up for personal weath and prosperity, but when Rimmer tries to do the same the consequences are... typical.



Dr Who

Terminus 3 of 4

Nyssa, infected by the Lazzars disease comes under the care of the beastly looking Gorm. The same Gorm that winds up helping the Doctor out trying to keep the stations engines from blowing up a second time. This would be bad as the first accident caused the creation of teh universe & the second would surely destroy it.



Dr Who

Terminus 4 of 4



Space Island One

Split Allegiances

Not everyone is pleased with Harrys promotion to Cheif Science Officer. Could we see a catfight? Oh please!

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