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SATURDAY November 10th






Red Dwarf


It can be anything, anything at all, it feeds on emotions, it's onboard the Red Dwarf and boy is it hungry! The Polymorph comes to play tonight and that means good old fashioned braIn sucking fun Red Dwarf Style! Enjoy!



Dr Who

Mawdryn Undead 3 of 4

The Black Gaurdian's agent Turlough isn't doing a very good job killing the Doctor, but Mawdryn and his pals may do the job themselves - sort of. Actually the Doctor appears to be thier only hope of rescue from a neverending series of regenerations. Of course thier cure carries a very high price so they up the ante by infecting Teegan & Nyssa - oh what's a Timelord to do?
Call in the Brig!



Dr Who

Mawdryn Undead 4 of 4



Space Island One

Trouble in Paradise

Fuel Cells may be the power of the future, but you know that if there's one on UNITY it was bound to blow up sooner or later.

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