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October 12th






Red Dwarf


Holly isn't the brightest computer at the best of times, and after endangering Listers life yet again, the backup ships computer Queeg takes controll. Of course the cure may be more unberable than the sickness to the Dwarf Boyz as they are forced to work for ther food and keep. Thier only chance is good ol' deranged Holly and his Junior Colour Encyclopedia of Space... Smart money is on Queeg.



Dr Who

Arc of Infinity 2 of 4

Omega has the Timelords back on thier heels and even the Doctor might be powerless to stop the insane antimatter baddie. But Omega may have made a tactical error in basing his operations on Earth and trying to use Teegan as a hostage.



Dr Who

Arc of Infinity 4 of 4



Space Island One

Silver Bullet

A cure for cancer could be right around the corner, but Paula is about to take the testing pahase to the next step by injecting herself with the serum.

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