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October 5th






Red Dwarf

Stasis Leak

Lister has found a picture of himself married to Kochanski which he never did, except that it somehow is connected to Rimmers psychedellic mushroom episode and a Stasis Leak. You'd think they would have larned that mucking about with time travel is bad, or at least horribly confusing by now...



Dr Who

Arc of Infinity 1 of 4

An old enemy rears his ugly head again, trying to take over the Doctors body and stealing information from the Time lords in order to do so. The Doc goes back to Gallifrey for help, but finds a less than warm reception while Teegan winds up searching for her lost relative in Amsterdam.
Expect a monumental bad guy, a gallifreyan traitor, Colin Baker as the leader of the Guards on Gallifrey and plenty of running around Amsterdam.



Dr Who

Arc of Infinity 2 of 4



Space Island One


A derelict space platform holds one survivor from what appears to have been a suicide cult... if she didn't commit sepuku before, she surely will after getting "rescued" by the crew of UNITY.

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