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September 28th

Reconstructed - TRS blew this week off
but has tried to re-create it...






Red Dwarf

Thanks for the Memory

Waking up hungover after Rimmers "deathday" bash is one thing, but finding that Lister & Cat have broken legs, Dave's diary has missing pages, the black box recordings have been altered and someone has mysteriously finished thier puzzle means a mystery is afoot - one witch has it's roots in possibly the most unintentionally hurtful birthday present of all time.



Dr Who

Time Flight 3 of 4

The Master is really close to convincing the Xeraphim to be his new power source & seems to have all the cards in his favore - except that he needs a part from the Doctors TARDIS... and we all know that's bound to be his undoing.



Dr Who

Time Flight 4 of 4




Space Island One

Not in My Back Yard

The worlds lastsample of Smallpox has been sent to UNITY for safekeeping - coincidentally the crew is strting to get sick.!

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