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August 3rd






Red Dwarf

Balance of Power

Lister has had it with Rimmers bossing him around and is going to do his darndest to acheive a rank greater than Rimmer. While Rimmer will do almost anything to keep Lister from suceeding, can lister really hope to pass the Chef Exam?



Dr Who

The Visitation 1 of 4

It's back in time to a Plauge ridden England where some out of place extra terrestriall technology sets off alrm bells in the Doctors head and leads to the big green & largely unfriendly Terileptils and thier robot Death.



Dr Who

The Visitation 2 of 4



Space Island One

A Child is Born

Babies in space. Someday mankind will have to face the problems of giving birth in space (and probably all the fun stuff leading up to it) but this week e we get a sneak peek on Space Island One.

...however it still doesn't answer the questions posed by the dreaded zero-G diaper change!

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