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July 6th






Red Dwarf

Pete pt.2

Misuse of a time altering device has a T-rex (yes a dinosaur) loose onboard Red Dwarf and the Captain is coming down hard on Lister and Rimmer. Of course getting rid of the dinosuar is only one of thier problmes, Baxter & Kill Crazy wind up stealing the time wand too...



DR Who

Four to Doomsday 1 of 4

The Doctor and company land on an unusual spceship commanded by rather large greenish aliens and crewed by groups of people taken from the Earths past. Of course they are heading back to Earth, but are they friend or foe?



DR Who

Four to Doomsday 2 of 4



Space Island One

Spring break

While the cats away the mice will play - in this case Shannon is left in controll of the station while the Captain is on vacation. Can you say "bad idea"?

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