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June 29th

No Who & No SIO this week, but we do get the special Gormenghast






Red Dwarf

Pete pt1

Lister seems to be adjusting to prison, making friends in all the right places... or rather with all the right skutters. Unfortunately his pechant for practical jokes is going to get him and Rimmer into trouble and more trouble, and if that wasn't enough a time altering device recovered on a Canary mission is going to cause even more trouble. As in Tyrannasaurus Rex sized trouble...





Talk about a heavy tale of fantasy and fortune!
Based on Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast trilogy the BBC pulled out all the stops bringing this to the small screen.
You might want to check out the BBC's Official Gormenghast Web Site for more info on the story, as I can't begin to properly explain it :)

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