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June 15th






Red Dwarf


Holly gets the gang into some serious trouble by convincing listrer to enroll them in the "Canaries" - which is NOT, as Lister beleives a singing group. Rather the Canaries are periodically sent into strange and unusual situations where they may or may not survive.
So tag along as the Dwarfers take thier first suicide mission to investigate a derelict spacecraft and encounter the Oracle Cassandra who has a nasty habit of knowing the future and telling anyone who will listen about it.



DR Who

Castrovalva 1 of 4

The Newly regenerated Doctor is having some serious identity issues, he's not quite sure who he is because his regeneration appears to be failing. On top of that calamity the Master is still lurking in the shadows cccarrying out his sinister plans for revenge. That leaves Teegan & Nyssa to pilot the Tardis after Adric goes missing... All in all things don't look good for the new Doctor Peter Davison.



DR Who

Castrovalva 2 of 4



Space Island One

The Barrier of Second Attention

Things get seriously wierd on Unity after they recover what may be an alien artifact. The Pyramid shape object pretty much goes where it pleases aboard the station and send some of the crew on hellishly introspective mind trips.

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