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June 8th






Red Dwarf

Back in the Red pt.3

Lister, Kochanski, Kryten, and the Cat are on the run, trying to escape from Red Dwarf before they are put on trial. Except Rimmer finds oput that they are already on trial in virtual reality.



DR Who

Logopolis 3 of 4

The Master is wreaking havoc on Logopolis wishing to use thier awesome computational talents as the key in his plan to controll the universe. The Doctor will have to go all out in order to stop the dastardly plan and indeed to keep the Master from bringing the entire universe to the brink of destruction. Unfortunately even the Doctor doesn't always win...



DR Who

Logopolis 3 of 4



Space Island One

Crew Test

It's evaluation time on UNITY and you can be sure feathers aplenty will be ruffled as consultants board the station to rake everyone over the coals.

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