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June 1st






Red Dwarf

Back in the Red pt.2

Rimmer cut a deal with Lister and now has the sexual magnetism virus, the luck virus and the crews confidnetial records. Needless to say he's on a bit of a spree... which means nothing but trouble for Dave, Kryten, Cat & Kochanski who are forced to find thier own means of escape.



DR Who

Logopolis 1 of 4

The end is near, but the time has been preppared for...Tom Baker begins his last story as the Doctor tonight in the somewhat morbid Logopolis.

Determined to actually fix the TARDIS chameleon cirtcut the Doctor and Adric head to Earth to measure a Police Box before heading off to Logopolis. Unfortunately there's a sinister mastermind working in the background... The Master is back and on a spree of his own.



DR Who

Logopolis 3 of 4



Space Island One

Dangerous Liaison

Child geniuses always seem to spell disaster don't they? Of course Lyle seems to get UNITY into enough trouble on his own, imagine what kind of jam he and kid genius Alexi Stepniak are going to get into.

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