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May 25th






Red Dwarf

Back in the Red pt.1

Another radical change for the series as the Dwarfers are reunited with Red Dwarf itself (which was re-ceated along with the entire formerly dead crew - including Rimmer, by Krytens rouge nannites in order to keep him from tapping on the glass he'd caught them in.

Unfortunately they crash Starbug, are put on trial and face a possible 3 years prison sentence on the dreaded Deck 13.



DR Who

Keeper of Traken 3 of 4

Council Tremas and Council kassia have been recently married and Tremas has been selected to replace the Keeper. Unfortunately Kassia doesn't want to loose her new husband which plays into the Melkurs hands. Using her influence to imprison the Doctor Tremas and Adric the Melkur takes over the Source then reveals his true identity - The Master.

But Adric and the resourcefull Nyssa may be able to distract the Master long enough for the Doctor to work his magic and save the day.



DR Who

Keeper of Traken 4 of 4



Space Island One

Rouge Satellite

Ah the daily grind of life in space continues as the Unity crew has to make some time in thier schedule to repair a malfunctioning Weather Satellite.

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