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May 18th






Red Dwarf

Epideme pt.2

Dave is about ready to try anything to save himself from teh wily Epideme virus though he'll discover life without a right arm could be worse than death itself... However there's a chance Krytens Nanobots could help remedy the one armed bluse... if only Kryten could find them...



DR Who

Keeper of Traken 1 of 4

Back in the real univers minus Romanna and K9 the Doctor and Adric are visited by the elderly Keeper of Traken. The imensely powerful Source - the the bioelectric power behind the harmonius and peacefull Union of Traken will soon be turned over to a new custodian, and a serpent is waiting in the graden of Traken to steal it from everyone... The calcified melkur will do whatever it takes to aquire the source and crush the Doctor... hmmm that sounds framilliar somehow...



DR Who

Keeper of Traken 2 of 4



Space Island One


There's a good reason material from other planets is put under quarantine and why someone coined the phrase "Curiosity killed the cat". Unless they can resist the urge the Unity gang may just put themselves in danger to satisfy a little unhealty curiosity.

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