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April 27th
4 episodes of Dr Who this week...






Red Dwarf


Something is very wrong with LIster something sickeningly shockingly horribly wrong. He's missing Rimmer... and not in a friendly way...
Kyrten and Kochanski are there to help, but the one and only thing that may save Dave (and us) from more horrifying dreams is something that could only be called "The RImmer Experience".



DR Who

State of Decay 1 of 4

The Doctor and Romonna start exploring E-space on a rather gloomy planet ruled by some very shady chrachters... and opposed by some technologically deprived pesants. Zargo Camilla and Aukon the three malevolant rulers not only have a dark secret to go with thier strange powers and sleeping habits,which as the Doc discovers is quite possibly one of the the greatest evils he's ever run across and as a Time Lord is compelled to destroy, even if it means sacraficing his own life.



DR Who

State of Decay 2 of 4
No the great evil isn't Adric... who happens to have stowed away aboard the TARDIS and makes life difficult for everyone he runs across this week.



DR Who

State of Decay 3 of 4



DR Who

State of Decay 4 of 4

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