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April 13th






Red Dwarf


Nothing like a hyperway through nonspace to liven things up. Especially when it means hooking up with another alternate realities Starbug crew. For Dave it means being runited with his long lost love Kristine Kochanski under some highly embarassing circumstances. It also means that Dave finally discovers his ture place in the grand scheme of things and why he was abandoned in a pool hall as an infant.



DR Who

Full Circle 1 of 4

The TARDIS get sucked through a charged vaccum embointment and lands in the Exospace continuum - E-Space. The Doctor and Romanna are not thrilled by this prospect as E-Space is supposed to be unescapable. However before they have time to get too depressed they wind up getting suckered into some strange happenings on the planet Alzarius. That means the dreaded Mistfall, creepy mashmen, stodgy Deciders, and some precosicious outcasts led by Varsh who is just trying to protect his kid brother Adric.



DR Who

Full Circle 2 of 4

Yes, that's right Adric... the kid with the badge of mathematical excellence, a superfast healing factor, a perpetually empty stomach and the ability to annoy most sentient life forms.
Wether you like or loathe him you have to admit his eventual departure is something you'll never forget.




JIm Harper - human guinea pig! Sure drug companies want to make money, lots of money... but they don't really do stuff like this to people... do they?
This is the second week of Oktober featuring Stephen Tompkinson (BALLYKISSANGEL). Running for three weeks with repeat showings saturday nights at 11:45 - this is the second time IPTV has brought Oktober to SFFN though last time it was in a one shot movie format.

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