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April 6th






Red Dwarf

Stoke me a Clipper

Rimmer finally gets the chance to be everything he can be - but can he actually do it? After all he's got some pretty darned big shoes to fil, namely those of his alter ego the incredible Ace Rimmer.
What a guy...



DR Who

Meglos 3 of 4

Let's play the doppelganger game. Meglos invades Tigella impersonating the Doctor in order to steal the incredibly powerful Dodechahedron which the Doctor was supposed to be fixing. arriving too late the Doc is going to have to do some fast talking to keep from getting tried as a villan. Of course he has to get to Zolpha Thura to stop Meglos from using the dodechahdron to power his ultimate weapon or it's good bye Tigella.
Of course turnabout is fair play.. and thankfully Meglos' allies aren't the brightest of lads.



DR Who

Meglos 4 of 4




What is Mentazone? Well JIm Harper is going to find out wether he wants to or not as what starts out as innocently tagging along with his girfriend on a business trip leads to corporate intruige.
Oktober features Stephen Tompkinson (BALLYKISSANGEL) and is runnig for three weeks with repeat showings saturday nights at 11:45 - this is the second time IPTV has brought Oktober to SFFN though last time it was in a one shot movie format.

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