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March 30th






Red Dwarf

Tikka to Ride

Back from the dead the Dwarfers are getting used to some of the strange phenomena aboard Starbug when a horrible discovery is made - all the curry supplies have been destroyed. Desperate for vindaloo, Lister starts a chain of events that lead to a gross perversion of history as we know it...



DR Who

Meglos 1 of 4

The Doctor is on his way to Tigela to repair an incredible power source called the Dodechahedron - except there happens to be an evil genius named Meglos on the nearby world of Zolpha Thura who wants the Dodechahedron and has the power to send the Doc & Romonna for a real loop.
Sure, Meglos may be a cactus, but he's a cactus bent on revenge



DR Who

Meglos 2 of 4

Yep it's the second time around for this one after it's recent misplacement... Almost like it's in a loop... like a chronic historisis... Imagine Meglos episode 2 every week!



Space Island One

Trouble in Paradise

Uh oh... technical problems starting with a power cell failure mean UNITY could be in serious trouble. Catistrophic firey death sort of trouble.

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