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March 23rd

There's an extra "make up" episode
of Dr Who tonite at 12:40!!






Red Dwarf

Out of Time

The Dwarf boys get an sos fom a very peculiar source - thier future selves. Supposedly too much knowledge about your own future can be a bad thing, and tonite it's proven true in some gahstly ways as the Furture RImmer Kryten Cat and Lister aren't what the past ones hoped they would become...



DR Who

Liesure Hive 2 of 4

Hey wasn't this supposed to be on before Festival?
Well technically yeah, but it got prempted by a sneak peek at next weeks episode # 2 of Meglos...
And don't worry we aren't going to miss any episodes, because IPTV will be showing the remeining three of Liesure Hive tonite - except the final fourth episode is AFTER Space Island One... Better late than never I guess :).



DR Who

Liesure Hive 3 of 4

The Doctor has been aged by the Tachyon Recreation Generator which is more than it seems. Formasi (Big Green aliens) have infiltrated the hive. Mena, the Hives current ruler has been suckered by a quack scientist named Hardin who really cant restore her youth and Pangol is preparing to turn Argolis back into the once proud war machine it used to be before the Formasi kicked thier tushies.



Space Island One

Money Makes the World Go Round

And presumably keeps Unity in orbit... No surprise then that they run into funding problems!

I imagine that's somewhat like IPTV collecting plegde money for shows... though I suspect Unity would be headed the same way as MIR if it required our money for survival :(



DR Who

Liesure Hive 4 of 4

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