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March 2nd






Red Dwarf

Emohawk - Polymorph II

The gang is forced to make a choice between blood crazed Simulants and murderous GELFS, a decision they make a bit too late resulting in Starbug being stranded in Gelf territory with a busted oxygen converter. Bartering for a spare converter from the Gelfs should be fairly straight forward except the gelf want Lister to marry the king gelfs daughter in exchange for the part.
This of course leads to Lister pulling a runner and the head gelf siccing his pet Emohawk on the Dwarf Posse... And yes and Emohawk is a somewhat domesticated polymorph - a shapechanging emotion vampire.



DR Who

The Leisure Hive 1 of 4

Welcome to Saeson 18 featuring a re-vamped apporach to Dr Who - well sort of. Actually it's the beginning of the reign of John Nathan-Turner as producer which means new production standards a new intro sequence and a new outfit for the Doc.

But don't worry, the Doctor and Romonna are still sticking thier noses where they don't realy belong, this time on the planet Argolis where the dying remains of a once proud and warlike civilisation have been reduced to an out of date amusement center called the Leisure Hive. Of course it's not that simple and several sinister forces are at work. The argolins old enemies are trying to buy the HIve and Pangol, the youngest of teh argolins definitely has something up his sleve.



DR Who

The Leisure Hive 2 of 4



Space Island One

Lost in Space

...if only...
Apparently a visiting scientist is concluding trials on an anti osteoporosis drug... Just so long as she doens't blow up the station :)

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