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February 9th






Red Dwarf


Coming out of cryogenic sleep to pick up the chase for Red Dwarf the gang discovers it's been suckered by a nasty bunch of hallucination making baddies who want to suck thier brains out.
Imagine a creature desperate enough to eat Listers brain... Shudder!



DR Who

The Horns of Nimon 1 of 4

The Doctor yet again is trying to fix the Tardis - this time making the mistake of shutting down all it's vital systems in the vicinity of a gravity whirlpool and a "warship" of the Skonnon Empire. Clever as always the Doc & Romonna find a way to help the crippled ship out of the Whirlppool but get shafted by the captain of the ship who is taking his cargo of Anethans and hymertusite back to Skonnos to cement a deal with the mysterious and powerfull Nimon. The Doctor is forced to play catch up as Romona and the "tribute" have been sent to the Nimon by the time he arrives.



DR Who

The Horns of Nimon 2 of 4



Space Island One


The lone survivor is found aboard an abandoned space platform - and after meeting up with the Unity crew may wish they had followed the rest of the suicide cult into nothingness.

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