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February 2nd

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Red Dwarf

Back to Reality

The boyz are checking out the Derelict Esperanto deep beneath a lifeless sea where they discover it's horifying secret. The crew killed itself, each and every man woman child and even fish onboard committed suicide... but why?
Enter the Despair Squid! Unfortunately things go horribly wrong and Starbug is destroyed... whereafter the gang wakes up in a virtual reality simulater to find they have been playing THE GAME Red Dwarf for several year - and playing it badly at that.
Rediscovering themselves is a horrifying experience which may leave them suicidally depressed (any bells ringing yet?)
Duane Dibbley fans rejoice the mighty inscisored one is back for the first time!



DR Who

Nightmare of Eden 3 of 4

It's a race against time to find the drug smugglers before they get away with thier devious scheme. Clever of them to use the Doctor to do thiewr dirty work - seperating the ships and rounding up the Mandrels... Of course the CET machine could go blooey, and there's a bloke running round with a gun, but the tide turns when the doctor discovers the connection between the Vrax and the Mandrels.



DR Who

Nightmare of Eden 4 of 4



Space Island One

Takes another Week off - thanks to wrestling

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