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January 12th






Red Dwarf


Kryten is criticaly injured and RImmer is missing... The reson, Rimmer, who is now trapped on the Psi Moon he and Kryten landed on. Lister really should think twice about going to te rescue as the Dwarf Boys will have to face an entire planet based on the darker side of Rimmers Subconscious... Fear the Dispicable One!



DR Who

The Creature from the Pit 1 of 4

Something sinister is afoot on Cloris where vegitation rules and metal of any kind is in high demand. Lady Adrasta has a monopoly on metal an army of WolfWeeds and a Pit just perfect for chucking her enemies into... Especially alien enemies... Like the Doctor who may just be lucky enough to survive the fall make a friend and figure out why Erato is so large green and homicidal.



DR Who

The Creature from the Pit 2 of 4



Space Island One

A Place in the Sun

sounds lke life on the moon ain't all it's cracked up to be as a couple of Loonies invade UNITY to protest unfair working conditions. But is that really why they are there?

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