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December 22nd






Red Dwarf


Malfunctioning machinery run amok! First the gangs spiffy matter transporter goes all wonky landing them in the middle of one really bizzare war where Lister sees something no man should ever have to see and Rimmer gets to live out his war Cheif fantasies and consequently gets to see a part of Lister no man should ever have to see. (Thankfully they leave some things to the imagination)



DR Who

Destiny of the Daleks 3 of 4

The Daleks want Davros, the Movellans want the Doctor & both because they are to stupid to outwit eachother. so that leaves teh Doctor to keep Davros from the Daleks and the Movellans from getting him and Romana. Thankfully the Movellans can be just as dense as the Daleks and Davros is still predictabally egomaniacal.



DR Who

Destiny of the Daleks 4 of 4



Space Island One

Unfinished Business

You asked for it & IPTV finally delivers - Season two of Space Island One... Where more trouble awaits the Unity crew, this week from a shuttle "needing repairs".

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