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Brief History of Time
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December 1st






Red Dwarf


The gang winds up on justice world after fiding a stasis pod which could contain a babe or a psychopathic killer. Figuring it woul dbe the prefect place for the potential killer they don't expect to be judged themselves. It's brown trousers time for Lister who's committed countless transgressions, but it's actually Rimmer who should be worried.



DR Who

The Armageddon Factor 5 of 6

The Doctor is really fighting a loosing battle here, what with the semi-inept Drax, a captured Romona, K-9 perverted to the Shadows will.. and of course the Marshall still on his time looped attack run which comes closer and closer to blowing everyone up.

Still a little ingenuity can go a long way and with the stakes so high the Doctor must pull out all the stops. Otherwise the univers could very well cease to be if the Black Guardian takes controll of the complete Key to Time.



DR Who

The Armageddon Factor 6 of 6



Space Island One


Another titilating experiment onboard Unity could go horribly wrong putting the station in danger leaving the skeleton crew shafted.

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