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November 17th






Red Dwarf


Ya say ya want asome evolution? BE carefull what you wish for! The Dwarf Boys are about to get down and funky with a machine capable of rewriting bilogical matter at the genetic level.
Lister may never think of chicken the same way again and YOU may never think of polaroids in the same way either!



DR Who

The Armageddon Factor 3 of 6

The Princess has been captured but she is quite possibly the only link to the 6th segment. The Doctor, Romonna and K-9 head to Zeos to try to find her but meet only a solitary computer playing a deadly war game with Atrios. of course evil forces consipre to trigger the computers Armageddon Factor forcing the Doctor to be very clever.

But very clever can only buy him so much time, especially when the Shadow is on the scene & wants the key for his dark master - the Black Guardian!



DR Who

The Armageddon Factor 4 of 6



Space Island One

The Third Man

A long thought lost mission is returning to Earth and makes stationfall at UNITY. The story of thier survival is miraculous, but the real truth behind it may turn your stomach.

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