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Shannon Patrick Sullivans
Brief History of Time
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November 17th






Red Dwarf


Krytens and Rimmer answer a distress call and rescue the oddly alluring Camille. The odd part is that she appears appealing to anyone who sees her. Actually she appears as that persons greatest desire.
Unfortunately Kryten has fallen in love and is determined to make the best out of an akward situation.



DR Who

The Armageddon Factor 1 of 6

One segment remains in the Quest for the Key to Time... and this one is guranteed to be harder to aquire than the rest. It could be anywhere on Atrios, which is in the ifnal stages of a failed nuclear war with the neighboring planet Zeos. Atrios is deadly with radiation and a mad war Marshall, but even worse things are lurking in the Shadows.



DR Who

The Armageddon Factor 2 of 6



Space Island One

Spring Fever

Hormones are running mad on the station as Shannon makes th ebest - the worst actually of his tenure as replacement station commander.

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