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November 10th






Red Dwarf

The Last Day

Krytens about to be replaced as his built in expiration date is rappidly apporaching. The gang decide to throw him a party - to go out with a bang so to speak. the only problem is that after spending millenia tracking Kryten down the replacement droid Hudzen 10 has gone a bit... homicidal.



DR Who

The Power of Kroll 3 of 4

On one side a murderous bigot trying to save his methane refinery, on the other ticked off natives with a surprisingly powerulfull diety named Kroll on thier side. Except the diety is really an overgrown squid with an attitude that can't be controlled & is ready to go on a good old fashioned rampage - seems the old boy really just wants some piece and quiet as it has a tendency to kill anything that makes noise.

Of ocurse the Doctor and Romona are risking life and limb to find the 5th segment to the key to time - which ultimately means a showdown with the big green badass Kroll.



DR Who

The Power of Kroll 4 of 4



Space Island One


Well there are still shysters in the future... One of them is on UNITY delivering a very special cargo - a body for a space burial. But he's hiding something and willing to blackmail anyone who gets in his way. So it's a good night for dirty laundry and veild threats.

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