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October 27th






Red Dwarf

Body Swap

The simple desire for a chocolate bar triggers the auto self destruct sequence on Red Dwarf. The ludicrous solution requires pumping a dead crewmans brain into Listers body... which sets Rimmer to scheming. Dave may never be the same, but he should know better by now than to go along with ANYTHING Rimmer says.



DR Who

The Androids of Tara 3 of 4

Count Grendel seems to hold all the cards tonite, he's got the Romana, Prince Rynart and the Princess Strella all in his dungeon, he's trashed the android duplicate of Rynart & even has the 4th segment to the key to time. All he has to do is marry Strella or Romona (then dispose of his prisoners) and he'll be the King! Of course the Doctor & Rynarts men aren't going to just give up, especially not when the Doc gets to practice his mad swordfighting skillz.



DR Who

The Androids of Tara 4 of 4



Space Island One

Crew Test

From week to week you have to wonder if the crew onboard UNITY are really up the task of... whatever it is they actually do. Well, this week they get evaluated by some nasty outside consultants who are going to >gasp< review thier psychological profiles.You'd think they would all get the can, but then we wouldn't have much of a show eh?

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