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October 20th






Red Dwarf


A genetically engineered being is loose on Red Dwarf & it ain't no Dark Angel! Capable of feeding off emotion and changing it's shape into practically anything. the Dwarf Boyz are going to be lucky to escape the miscevious, yet deadly polymorph!



DR Who

The Androids of Tara 1of 4

Landing on Tara, the Doctor decides to take a bit of a vacation & let Romana do the dirty work. So while he's dozing on a riverbank fishing, she's off finding the 4th segment. Unfortunately local intruige is about to catch up to both of them as Count Grendel insists on helping Romana and the Doctor runs afoul of Prince Reynarts men.



DR Who

The Androids of Tara 2 of 4



Space Island One

Dangerous Liaison

UNITY may be in danger from one of it's visitors as a unique pair come onboard to study the Kuiper Belt. Lyle may be busy helping out the child prodigy Alexi, but you'd think everyone else would be paranoid enough of Dr. Sutter not to let him do any damage.

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