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September 15th






Red Dwarf

Stasis Leak

The Dwarfers find another strange way into the past, this time through a stasis leak. Rimmer is dead set on trying to convince his past self not to get killed, and Dave is trying to finally get hooked up with Kochanski. But Kochanski's just gotten married and mushrooms have renderd the past Rimmer... well even more incompetant than usual.



The Day of the Triffids

Part 6

In a global war against the plants, maybe co existing is the key... or maybe not. This last episode holds the key to humanitys future.



DR Who

The Ribos Operation 3 of 4

The Con has been rumbled and the Graf is out for blood. Of course the prize is the "Jethrik", "Scringe Stone", or as the doctor & Romanna discover - the 1st segment to the key of time. But before anyone gets it we get to tour the catacombs of Ribos and meed a scurvy old beggar and a nasty witch... and of course the nasty Shrievenzales nashing thier teeth in the background.



DR Who

The Ribos Operation 4 of 4



DR Who

Program changes are afoot!
Unfortunately that means it's back to two Episodes of Dr. Who per week for the forseeable future.

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