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September 1st






Red Dwarf

Better than Life

The smash video game sensation that turns your every desire into reality (virtual reality) has landed on Red Dwarf. the only problem with the game could actually be trying to turn it off... or maybe that Rimmers desires should never ever be realised in any way shape or form.



The Day of the Triffids

Part 4

Looks like Humanitys last chance is on the run, trying to establish new ways of living that would mean... all sorts of interesting familial relations... IF they can survive long enough to get to the nookie stage.



DR Who

The Invasion of Time 1 of 6

The Doctor is returning to Gallifrey, but is he going to help or conquer? After teaming up with the Vardans he heads home to claim his rightfull place as the President of the Time Lords and has his faithful companion Leela banished from the city! So why is the Doctor betraying his homeworld, destroying the planets defenses and handing them over lock stock and barrell to the Vardans? Can he finally have gone power mad, or is there a deeper plot, a deeper scheme involving one of the most fearsome weapons in the entire universe?

And what about Leela? Will she remain the Doctors friend or fight his schemes of conquest? One thing is for sure, tonite is her last show :(



DR Who

The Invasion of Time 2of 6



DR Who

The Invasion of Time 3 of 6



DR Who

The Invasion of Time 4 of 6



DR Who

The Invasion of Time 5 of 6



DR Who

The Invasion of Time 6 of 6


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