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August 18th






Red Dwarf


Rimmer has tricked lister into powering up a SECOND Rimmer hologram by replacing Kochanskis Holo-disk with a copy of his own. Unfortunately this is not a Doublemint gum commercial and two Rimmers does not Double Listers Fun.
At least Rimmer gets a dose of himself for a change...



The Day of the Triffids

Part 2

Blind people + hungry people eating plants = global devastation... what more needs to be said?



DR Who

The Sunmakers 1 of 4

Welcome to Pluto where the last vestiges of humanity have been enslaved and are being taxed to death. Actually they are being taxed beyond death. And drugged into pacification. And tortured if they actually do get out of line.

Needless to say the Doc & Leela are going to throw a wrench in the works...



DR Who

The Sunmakers 2 of 4



DR Who

The Sunmakers 3 of 4



DR Who

The Sunmakers 4 of 4

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