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August 11th






Red Dwarf

Confidence and Paranoia

Lister contracts a mutated version of the flu which brings his subconscious thoughts to life. At first the paranormal experience is held to raining fish and exploding mayor, but before long Listers Confidence and paranoia are walking around ando doing the darndest things.

In space no one can hear you cha cha cha!



The Day of the Triffids

Part 1

And thus begins six weeks of vegetarian mayhem and world domination...
Humanity is about to get sucker punched into oblivion, but maybe a few people will be lucky enough to survive the crippling effects round one.



DR Who

Image of the Fendahl 1 of 4

The TARDIS is drawn to the scene by one Professor Fendalmens Time scanner. his experiments are reacting with an ancient skull that has some strange connection to himself, his assitant and a long dead race. If the Doctor can't persuade the professor to stop the experiments, the Earth and it's occupants may fall before the power of the Fendahl which feeds on life itself.



DR Who

Terror of the Zygons 2 of 4

Of course, Harry does something foolish & goes & gets himself shot in the head (not that a head shot would hurt him any). The thing is someone at the hospital wants him dead and is willing to kill the Doctor and Sarah to preserve it's secret. Whether it's by asphyxiation or siccing a giant sea monster against him these mysterious baddies mean business.



DR Who

Terror of the Zygons 3 of 4

Loch Ness seems to be the key to the mystery, more importantly what's in Loch ness controlling the sea monster. But once the bad guys have been identified as shape shifting Zygons intent on conquering the Earth the problem is how to stop them.
In typical fashion the Doctor gets himself captured to get them right where they want him.



DR Who

Terror of the Zygons 4 of 4

The Zygons had everything so well planned out that without the Doctors interference they probably would have been unstoppable. Unfortunately for them and their precious plans, The Doctor IS on the case. Unfortunately for the Doctor the Zygons plan doesn't stop with the destruction of their spaceship. Leaving him to solve the nagging question of, "How exactly do you stop a giant semi-cybernetic sea monster from wreaking havoc on London?"


Program note:

DR Who

Thank you IPTV!

Doctor Who in April on IPTV will be a wonder to behold as each week we'll be treated to an entire story in Episode format!
For April that mean 4 stories in 4 weeks with 4 episodes each week. Oh bliss!

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