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July 28th






Red Dwarf

Waiting for God

Rimmer is all abuzz over an "Alien pod" picked up in deep space. Lister is pondering wieghty religious matters as he delves into the history of the Cats people... which, while twisted by time, reveals him as thier God.



Doctor Who

The Invisible Enemy 1 of 4

One of the series strangest foes appears tonight as the Doctor must do battle against... a virus. It's actually a particularly nasty mind controlling virus, spread by telepathicaly.

Thankfully Leela is imune and the Doctor, while infected, still has a few tricks up his sleeve - including miniaturising clones of himself and Leela to battle the virus inside his own body.

But it's going to take all that and more to keep the Virus from spreading! Thankfully there's a plucky little robot dog willing to do whatever it takes to help the Doc & Leela.

Yay K-9!



Doctor Who

The Invisible Enemy 2 of 4



Doctor Who

The Invisible Enemy 3 of 4



Doctor Who

The Invisible Enemy 4 of 4

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