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Red Dwarf

Pete Pt. 2

Once upon a time Pete was a bird, but he died and was ressurected as a Tyrannosaurus Rex. This is Pete's story , and the story of those silly sods who accidentally turned him into a dinosaur and who have to figure out a way to turn Pete back into a bird before he destroys Red Darf, eats all of the food onboard, or gets them into any further trouble as they don't need any help in that department... heck they can't even keep track of one little time wand...



The Invisible Man

Point of Destruction

Acedemic aclaim, a damsel in distress, and his life on the line, just your average ordinary day for Pete Brady, Invisible man.



Doctor Who

The Face of Evil 1 of 4

The Doctor stumbles into a strange situation on a strange planet...

Hailed as the Evil One by Xoanon praising Sevateem tribesmen, the Doctor is befriended by a heritic named Leela who doesn't believe he is the Evil One even though a mountain sized bust of the Evil one bears a striking resemblance to our favorite Time Lord. With her help, the Doctor gets to the root of the problem and finds the ubernerd Tesh hiding behind a force field guarding thier lord Xoanon from the Sevateem.

Xoanon knows the Doctor, but will the Doc remember who Xoanon is in time to get out of the whole mess alive?




Doctor Who

The Face of Evil 2 of 4



Doctor Who

The Face of Evil 3 of 4



Doctor Who

The Face of Evil 4 of 4

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