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June 16th






Red Dwarf

Pete Pt. 1

Lister and Rimmer can't keep out of trouble. Practical jokes on Ackermann lead to punishmenta and so does cheating during basketball which leads them to Spud duty... which they also try to sleaze out of. They almost deserve to have all thier hair eaten off by the potato virus and be thrown in the dreaded HOLE.
But Kryten, Kochanski, & the Cat could come to the rescue with a recently discovered Time Wand.
Or things could go horribly wrong.



The Invisible Man

Play to Kill

Spy games with everyone's favorite invisible man in Amsterdam...



Doctor Who

The Deadly Assasin 1 of 4

The Doctor, fresh off of dropping Sarah off on Earth is heading to his own home planet, Galifrey. A seriouly disturbing premonition is leading him to try to stop an assasination attempt on the president of the High Council of Time Lords. Unfortunately his fellow Time Lords have him pegged for a criminal right from the get go, and someone else is pulling the strings.

The Doctor not only has to defend his innocence in court, but will have to fight to the death inside the Matrix itself before he'll even get close to the real villan.

That's right, only one person could so thoroughly screw with the Timelords without them knowing, and if the Doctor fails, the lump sum total of Timelord power will rest in the hands of one very very evil dude.
(No not you Fredd)




Doctor Who

The Deadly Assasin 2 of 4



Doctor Who

The Deadly Assasin 3 of 4



Doctor Who

The Deadly Assasin 4 of 4

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