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June 9th






Red Dwarf

Krytie TV

Kryten's offended at being quartered with the women in prison, but Killcrazy & Co. decide to make the best of his situation through the miracles of reprogramming and "Shower Night".



The Invisible Man

Picinic With Death

Nothing like an escapee from a psychiatric hospital to liven things up. the question is, "Is she cazy or is she really in danger because she can prove her finace didn't commit a murder that has him stuck on death row?"
What a poser!



Doctor Who

The Hand of Fear 1 of 4

Sarah Janes journeys with the Doctor come to an end tonight, but not before a series of life threatening situations, some mental domination, an un-healthy dose of radiation and a journey to a long dead planet.

The Doctor lands the TARDIS in a very unfortunate location causing Sarah to be burried by a landslide from a quarry blast. Even worse an ancient fossilised hand comes to life, grabs on to her and the next thing you know all she can say is "Eldrad must live!" and knocking people out with a bright ble flash.

The Doctor follows her trail of mayhem to a nuclear reactor where she's making a beeline for the core. Even worse than killing her, the radiation could actually bring Elrad back to life. And lets face it, anyone that can survive obliteration in deep space, posess people without the benefit of a body and ressurect themselves by absorbing untold ammounts of radiation has got to be trouble.




Doctor Who

The Hand of Fear 2 of 4



Doctor Who

The Hand of Fear 3 of 4



Doctor Who

The Hand of Fear 4 of 4

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