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June 2nd






Red Dwarf


Holly has a great plan for getting the gang out of prison... he convinces them all to sign up for the Canaries, a expendable suicide squad sent into deadly situations to preserve the rest of the crew... Thier first mission runs them smack into Cassandra, a precognative computer that just might convice Kochanski to have sex with Rimmer.
Now that is EVIL!



The Invisible Man

Odds Against Death

Some nasty accidents bring Brady onto the scene for a little investigative work. Of course someone is going to try to stop himfrom finding the truth... Of course you have to find him before you stop him & how the heck do you find an invisible man?



Doctor Who

The Mask of Mandragora 1 of 4

The TARDIS gets caught in an unusal time-space phenomenon which causes the Doctor to unwittingly transport the powerfully malevolent energy from the Mandragona Helix to Earth where the doomsday cult of Demnos is ready and prepared to usher in a new age of death and destruction.
The Helix has chosen it's followers, especially the mad astologer Hieronymous well. Thier first goal is to butcher some of the greatest thinkers of the 15th century by duping the recently throned Juliano and his evil uncle.
Sarah winds up being nearly sacraficed to Demnos, hypnotised into killing the Doctor and pointing out that the Doctors Jokes get worse in relationship to how bad the situation is.
The Doctor nearly gets his head cut off, has some fun swordfighting, uses an Astrolabe and reveals his need for salami.



Doctor Who

The Mask of Mandragora 2 of 4



Doctor Who

The Mask of Mandragora 3 of 4



Doctor Who

The Mask of Mandragora 4 of 4

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