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May 26th






Red Dwarf

Back in the Red - Pt. 3

The gang has been horribly tricked by Pyschotropic drugs & is going to have to pay the price of thier crimes on Floor 13.



The Invisible Man

The Locked Room

A Russian scientist may hold the key to helping Brady reverse his invisibility. The snag being that while she'd really like to defect & lend a hand, she's being held prisoner. Brady will have to break her out if he wants her help.



Doctor Who

Seeds of Doom 4 of 6

Tonite we get the final three parts of the 6 part Seeds of Doom.

The Krynoid is getting larger & larger & if it isn't stopped will eventually take over the world. Of course the plant isn't the only danger, Chase is just insane enough to beleive genocide is a good thing.

The real question is how do you kill a gigantic man eating plant. Pesticide? Bombs? Fire? Big ol' laser cannons? The Doctor's going to have to find out & find out fast if he wants to keep Earth from looking like Tigella or Chloris (obscure Meglos & Creature From the Pit References)



Doctor Who

The Seeds of Doom 5 of 6



Doctor Who

The Seeds of Doom 6 of 6

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