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May 19th






Red Dwarf

Back in the Red - Pt. 2

Rimmer is supposed to be helping get Dave the Cat Kryten & Kochanski out of the hoosgow, but he's latched onto some Sexual Magnetism Virus & is out to sow his wild oats...
Oh the horror.



The Invisible Man

The Mink Coat

Even on vacation our invisible hero can't help poking his noes into suspicious situations. In this case he's curious about airport security ripping into the lining of a mink coat. He who knows it might just lead to some illegal microfilm... you never can tell.



Doctor Who

Seeds of Doom 1 of 6

Tonite we get the first three parts of the 6 part Seeds of Doom.

The Doctor hears about a strange occurrence at an Arctic base and decides to help out. Of course he winds up stumbling onto alien invasion ground zero. Except there's a twist this time around. Instead of a horde of monsters bent on dominating the world the doctor will be up against something far far worse. A plant.

Of course the two seed pods have remained dormant in the frigid wastes. But even as the Doctor is discovering them and working out how to destroy them an insane botanist sends out his agents to retrieve a seed. Armed & dangerous the Doctor won't be able to stop them and if he's not careful might wind up dead. Of course if he fails the world will be engulfed by man eating plants... which would make Harrison Chase (the nutcase) perfectly happy!



Doctor Who

The Seeds of Doom 2 of 6



Doctor Who

The Seeds of Doom 3 of 6


Program note:

Doctor Who

Thank you IPTV!

Doctor Who in March features 3 more full stories (the 6 episode Seeds of Doom will be broken into 2 weeks)

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